Known for her smooth vocals and insightful lyrics, Julia Messenger has just released a new song about the strength of letting someone you love go no matter how painful it is, and it is giving us all the feels. 
“Fly Bird” is just the first single off of Julia’s upcoming EP “And We Danced”.

Jane Lambert, Modern Mystery Blog


“Fly Bird” has many components to it that make it such an amazing song. 
Messenger’s lyrics and delivery make the listener feel like they are getting a supportive hug while going through tough times... The harmonies and addition of a glockenspiel to give the song an uplifting feel that makes it such a powerful anthem for anyone going through it.
 Indie Artist Buzz

Julia Messenger Unveils "Fly Bird"

Taking it to a new levelJulia Messenger’s latest folk pop ballad “Fly Bird” is essential to anyone going through a rough breakup right now in need of a few words of wisdom.

Emily HInde, The Indie Source

Julia Messenger Flys High with New Single

  ‘Fly Bird’ is an artfully produced pop ballad with an expressive chorus hook. After a hypnotic and driving start, the vocals of Julia Messenger promise to take you on a journey of respectfully letting go of a loved one after the break down of a relationship. ... The instrumental accompaniment of the message she’s conveying perfectly undertones the bittersweetness of the lyrics. The music portrays the positivity of prioritizing oneself while simultaneously recognizing the sadness of leaving a partner...

Eddie Jameson, 



“Julia Messenger should be fighting off the offers– the dizzying force and passionate intensity of her voice, steering an unerring course between cruelty and cream, would merit the ticket price alone.”
Sue Wilson, The Scotsman, UK

...Messenger’s gift is her versatility, the warmth and passion that she brings to each song, and ability to convey the emotions. The songs she chose were all quite famous, but it takes a brilliant singer like Messenger to make you hear them as if for the first time.'
Sara Bannister, Stage Whispers 2012

“Julia Messenger is widely considered to be one of the most inspiring musicians to ever come out of the studios of Australia!”
Elusive disc,  EUROPE

“The new Dido of Chillout has been crowned” 
Music Report,  EUROPE 

“…through the full spectrum, from fragile candied sweetness to a scorching soul-diva holler – echos of Mouth Music, Annie Lennox, Horse, Sinead O’Connor…” 
The Scotsman, UK 

"..Everyone has heard a great.. song while dining and asked, ''What is that?'' At last, these restaurants' current Top 5 playlists provide some answers. . 

Rod Stewart, ''Manhattan'' 
Nat King Cole, ''Walkin' My Baby Back Home'' 
Queen Latifah, ''Baby Get Lost'' 
Norman Brown, ''What's Going On'' 
Julia Messenger, ''Look Up Look Down"" 
Paul L. Underwood, The Remix; Ear Candy: Published: November 5, 2006 
The New York Times, USA 

“…Impressive vocal talent…” 
Luka Bloom, UK 

"Julia Messenger is Murder!" 
Klaus Schulze 

“… the best vocal record ever to emerge from the Cologne electronic scene.” 
De:bug, GERMANY 

"...She has an intriguing and unique approach, using her voice as an instrument and giving each song its full range of emotions, from a sweet lisping vulnerability to passionate longing to tempestuous rage to glory. " 

"Messenger has a magnificent voice and gives it full range, her singing is note perfect and radiates nuance and power."     
Liza Dezfouli, Australian Stage, July 2012



If Julia Messenger‘s voice was a drink, it would probably be a gin & tonic – or rather, the first sip of a gin and tonic, the moment you meet with your friends at a bar, after a long day at work. Cool, refreshing, and with the just perfect amount of bitterness, it’s a balance of aromas and tastes that is as complicated as it seems simple. Pretty much the way the singer blends styles to create her signature sound – dominated, of course by her deceptively adolescent-nuanced tone and feline stage presence. With one foot firmly set in Melbourne and the other in Europe, she never hesitates to dip her toes into different musical waters, but it’s her forays into jazz that best showcase her talent, as it is obvious to anyone who listened to her album, ‘Live at Bennetts Lane‘. A couple of months ago, Julia Messenger displayed all that at a sold-out concert at the Melbourne Recital Centre. If you missed out, don’t worry. She’s already booked to perfom in September, which is the first certainty we have for 2018 at this stage. Here, she shares with us some of the music that matters to her – we can think of no better way to start off the new year.

Australian Jazz

Her own phrasing allows for word-heavy lyrics which inadvertently allow her strong technique to shine. You can hear nods in her singing to the legendary women jazz and blues singers such as Fitzgerald, Nina Simone and Sarah Vaughn but Messenger has a distinctive stamp of her own and her voice has reached an enviable maturity.

Australian Stage Online

‘Julia Messenger is a happening act to follow.
(At the Jazzkeller Krefeld Germany) … we heard a voice destined for big things.
The diminutive singer has a voice powerful enough to be on a level with the best soul singers, both black and white.
Her tone nevertheless remained svelte and lucid, and with sophistication and restrained rasping she showed in her phrasing a distinct similarity to Julia Driscoll. She consistently used her voice with great assuredness – sometimes it was very expressive, sometimes coquettishly shy, and while the tempo remained moderate her singing was full of emotion with a gospel style.

…the genre of Jazz is something that Julia Messenger masters superbly.’


'Melbourne-born singer-songwriter Julia Messenger... had a home-town audience swooning for two nights recently when she performed her personal favourites from the American Songbook. With her stunning vocal range, and accompanied by a fabulous quintet ...Messenger perfectly showcased a variety of the best music created under the star spangled banner.

Review of Song "You Are a Space In My Heart"  '...a deeply mesmerising tune. Quite the Star.'

5 stars, Triple J Unearthed.

Julia Messenger paid homage to her favourites in Simple Gifts, one of the American Songbook Shows commissioned by the Melbourne Recital Centre honouring great US composers. Opening with the Peggy Lee cracker Why Don't You Do Right, Messenger claimed the space, the band and the song as her own.

She has an intriguing and unique approach, using her voice as an instrument and giving each song its full range of emotions, from a sweet lisping vulnerability to passionate longing to tempestuous rage to glory. The journey she takes the listener on means you experience each song anew. Her version of Bob Dylan's I Shall Be Released gave this reviewer goosebumps. Even Crazy and Me and Bobby McGee sounded like new songs, and she almost had the audience tearing up in I Can't Make You Love Me. We heard Over the Rainbow, You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman and Kurt Weil's Surabaya Johnny (in English). Interestingly, Messenger gives each song its own dramatic story, there's a real arc from that first trembling tear to the intensity of full scale emotional fireworks. If it weren't so enjoyably thrilling it could almost be unsettling...

Messenger has a magnificent voice and gives it full range, her singing is note perfect and radiates nuance and power. She has been compared to many many different singers yet she is a singularly distinctive performer. She is keenly sought after overseas and has worked with a variety of top musicians and singers including Norah Jones. The MRC gig came after her performing in Finland on the Midnight Sun Jazz Train.

Her experience across a variety of styles, from classical electronica to rock to blues as well as jazz and being a composer and producer in her own right gives her shows a satisfying textured quality. Her band on the two nights at the MRC were all high status Melbourne jazz musicians, including drummer Danny Faruggia fresh from the Melbourne International Jazz festival.

It is only a matter of time before this girl is HUGE here. Julia Messenger has a voice to die for and can sustain a note like nothing on earth. Her vocal technique is original and impressive. Throw in her warm and unpretentious stage presence; this was a stunner of a show in every respect.

Liza Dezfouli, Australian Stage

"..Everyone has heard a great.. song while dining and asked, ''What is that?'' At last, these restaurants' current Top 5 playlists provide some answers. .
Momofuku, New York…Avec, Chicago
Tableau, Las Vegas:
Rod Stewart, ''Manhattan''
Nat King Cole, ''Walkin' My Baby Back Home''
Queen Latifah, ''Baby Get Lost''
Norman Brown, ''What's Going On''
Julia Messenger, ''Look Up Look Down""
Paul L. Underwood, The Remix; Ear Candy: Published: November 5, 2006
The New York Times, USA

“…through the full spectrum, from fragile candied sweetness to a scorching soul-diva holler – echos of Mouth Music, Annie Lennox, Horse, Sinead O’Connor…”
The Scotsman, UK

“Julia Messenger is widely considered to be one of the most inspiring musicians to ever come out of the studios of Australia, her debut vocal electronica album!”
Elusive disc, EUROPE

“The new Dido of Chillout has been crowned”
Music Report , EUROPE

The Julia Messenger Quintet. The Melbourne Recital Centre and Brunswick Industry, as part of the Mood Indigo Series. Saturday October 17, 2015. 

In the rarefied environment of the ‘acoustically rich’Salon at the Recital Centre, honoring some of the great women of Jazz and Cabaret, Julia Messenger entranced and delighted her audience.  What a treat it was to listen to Ms. Messenger’s carefully managed voice surfing effortlessly on, in and around the glorious musical accompaniment of Mark Fitzgibbon on piano, James Sherlock playing guitar, Ben Robertson on double bass and Darryn Faruggia, who’s playing I was really taken by, on drums.

With disarming openness and sincerity Ms. Messenger chatted about the origins of most numbers before they were launched into, thus underpinning the richness and complexity of the performance.  For example she talked of Bill Robinson who danced with Shirley Temple, and was ultimately immortalized in the song ‘Mr. Bojangles’ and then the work was played featuring a piano solo by Mark Fitzgibbon.

Since Sunday I have been catching myself singing and humming ‘Miss Otis Regrets’.  Not surprisingly as ‘Miss Otis Regrets’ featured just voice and the wonderful piano of Fitzgibbon.   This song, with all its irony, was certainly one of the highlights for me.

I also particularly enjoyed the moments when Messenger launched into German (‘Falling in Love Again’) and French (‘‪Non Je Ne Regrette Rien’)asanother dimension was added and any lingering self-consciousness seemed to drop away.  This left me wondering how Ms. Messenger would fare if she was to assume the character of a particular songstress for a cabaret show.

The four instrumentalists seemingly effortlessly supported and honored each other and their solos wowed the audience.  Of the sixteen beautifully rendered works about half are very well know and the other half I was delighted to be introduced to in such an entrancing way.  Songs such as the haunting ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’, that was make famous by Bonnie Raitt was featured with a guitar melody and double bass solo, ‘Compared to What’ a Roberta Flack song was given a guitar solo, ‘Fine and Mellow’ written by Billie Holiday was also given a fabulous guitar solo.

Writing this has left me thinking how excellent it would be to hear a show where songs that were written by women were the only ones featured.

Keep an eye out for Julia Messenger because hopefully she will be bringing us more such delightful afternoons and evenings in the not too distant future.

Suzanne Sandow, Stage Whispers 2015

Julia Messenger is an all rounder musician - singer/songwriter/producer performing a blend of contemporary jazz and originals with an impassioned blend of unamused muse
(Marianne faithful -knowing/world weary spunk), and Randy Crawford like glistens of vocalise caress. She delivers with the hot spanking soulful phrasing command of a diva that gives her all. Hot live show that traverses the depth of emotion.

Diana Clark, Singer, Live Review of Bennetts Lane 

Julia Messenger- a big talent.

"I've wanted to go to Bennetts Lane Jazz Club for such a long time. Saturday night was the big night. Julia Messenger. What a great artist to see there. Not many singers can do an Edith Piaf song justice. But Julia can. Je ne Regrette Rien. What a belter. Impressive vocal range and passion all rolled into one song. Just a knockout really. Sprinkled through her own material, she did lots of old favourites to rapturous applause. When she sang Cry me a River at the end she nearly brought the house down. Happily, they were recording the performance for a CD so I'm hoping that will hit the market pretty soon. Oh and incidentally, I'll be keeping an eye on the Bennetts Lane website from now on. What fun!"
Jeannette Davison , Issiad Magazine

“…Impressive vocal talent…”
Luka Bloom, UK

“Dazzling Australian Julia Messenger offers not one, but two electrifying new albums. Her riveting electro-pop features hypnotic production and breathtaking vocals. These chill sounds pack infinite heat. Songs such as "Shiver," on "Productions & Collaborations," tend toward a sensually down-tempo feel. "Butterflies" floats with magical airiness. The title track of "And We Danced" rides a throbbing bass line into a keenly poetic examination of shattered relationships. Messenger's music entices with addictive allure.”
Paul Freeman, Entertainment Writer Jul 15, 2007
Palo Alto Daily News, California, USA

“… the best vocal record ever to emerge from the Cologne electronic scene.”
De:bug (On Julia Messenger 12” Myamisumi - the Remixes), GERMANY




“The First vinyl of the Cologne DJ …”Havin’ A Dig” featuring Julia Messenger (from Whirlpool fame) a voice, who with her own songlines is just as impressive, with a warmth that communicates loud and clear.”

Groove Magazine, Germany page 114

issue #69 

Album: Ole EP Artist: Marcus Worgull

(label: Spectrum Works/ Groove Attack–released 2000)




“…MOODFOOD "Ice" - …adds the vocal element on a couple tracks, with the superb and sexy vocals of Julia Messenger …”
Fall E-Letter for September 2005, Backroad Music, USA

“…if there’s one thing everybody should have in common this year, it’s this record”
D2000 ( Myamisumi – the Remixes) GERMANY

“Julia has had the good fortune to collaborate with some of the leading exponents in the 'chill out' scene, including Klaus Schulze (Tangerine Dream), Henning Schmitz (Kraftwerk), Waldeck (Dope Noir), Hans Nieswandt (Whirlpool Productions) among others. Julias' forthcoming .. debut album is a milestone for the female producer/writer. …. Julia Messenger is widely considered to be one of the most inspiring musicians to ever come out of the studios of Australia.”

“..Julia Messenger is murder!”
Klaus Schulze

The first time I saw Julia perform was at Bennetts Lane earlier this year when the CD was recorded. ...what a voice, what a woman, what an exceptional talent!
Her voice is big and lustrous, like blue-black silk velvet...This latest CD is her "first ever live album"... (and) has me adding sassy and seductive to the description of her voice. While in Skylark that voice is as smooth as King Island cream. Her rendition of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, had me reaching for the replay button. Julia's talent is well and truly up to the task of Edith Piaf's Padam Padam... so gutsy! .. In addition to these classic songs, dotted through the album, her own songs create a fusion of her electronic songwriting and the strains of the jazz band. All together- uber cool.
Julia produced, mixed and mastered the CD herself at her own studio in Melbourne,. Hopefully this won't be the last time that she produces a CD with this quality of jazz vibe. Jeannette Davison, ISIIAD October, 2011

“…on Calm Down and Game to Play one hears the bewitching voice of Australia’s Julia Messenger…”
“…auf Calm Down and Game to Play hoert man die bezaubernde Stimme der australierin Julia Messenger…”
WEA Records, Warner Music

“ ..CD2: The Crime Of Suspense contains more rhythmic KS-music supported on track 1+3 by Julia Messenger with great arabic-english singing like ´Sting - The Desert Rose´…
Lothar Lubitz, SynGate

“A song like “A Game to Play”, featuring Australian Singer Julia Messenger, toys with the aroma of gently fading perfume – creating an atmosphere like that of Sade…”
Ein Song wie “A Game to Play” bei dem australischer saengerin Julia Messenger gastiert, spielt mit dem sanft verwaschenen Parfum – Klima Sades…”
PNN online

“…The funky, hand-drum enhanced ballad "Butterflies" (written by Julia Messenger) finds them (Moodfood - DJ Free and Peter Schimke) aided by the likes of Dave Matthews woodwind champ Richard Hardy, bassist Billy Peterson, and breathy chill-compilation veteran Julia Messenger in a quietly spectacular display of down-tempo seductiveness.”
--Rod Smith, City Pages Minneapolis/St. Paul, USA 

“…. Most noteworthy are the romantic melodies, the ethereal atmospheres, and, especially, the beautiful voice of Julia Messenger.”
(On Moodfood’s Ice)
Marcella Cirignola Reviews 2005
“ …The surprise is on “A Game to Play”: an Australian named Julia sings into your heart and mine, truthfully so lovingly it rivals that of singer Nicolette.”
“…Die Ueberraschung auf “A Game to Play”: eine Australierin names Julia singt sich in dein und mein Herz und zwar so lieblich wie es auch eine Nicolette nicht besser koente.”
Groove issue #57, Germany

“…. I just absolutely adored the tracks by Julia Messenger, Nitin Sawhney, and Heather Nova in particular. I really enjoyed Julia Messenger's "I Miss You" a whole lot. She does remind me a lot of Dido but with a more trip hop/ambient beat...”
Erica Anderson (Minneapolis, MN) 

“Originally released in 2000 "The Crime Of Suspense" is the second of 10 CD's that was part of the Contemporary Works Box Set that Schulze released in 2000 exclusively over the internet. With the first track "Good Old 4 On The Floor" Schulze delivers a trance track classic with soul : This track and the nearly half hour piece "Overchill" are refined by the beautiful voice of Australian singer Julia Messenger...”
Revisted Record

“Searing stop you- in- your tracks vocals.. and bags of charismatic energy.. as inspirational as it is awesome.”
(Review on Melbourne – The Sex, The City, The Music, Petrol Records).
AIAN.. Australian independent music





Julia Messenger masters the balance of music and patience in Live at Bennetts Lane. She teases her listeners, playing with their attention. Her songs are at once haunting and enticing, enhancing minimal elements (including pauses) with very little sound. The piano rolls along beside her, matching her levity and her musical quality.


Taking the tempo down to slow (but not too slow, just enough to examine life leisurely) Messenger and her sporadic backing don’t rely on the lobotomising effect of repetition, jumping with each note and then standing back to look at it hanging in the air.




Julia Messenger – Live at Bennetts Lane

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Arts & Entertainment CD Reviews  


Review of A Sunday Soiree in the Milk Bar.


by Liza Dezfouli


Take one excellent piano, an excellent pianist (Andrea Keller) to play it and a diva with enormous vocal talent and you’ve got everything you need for an afternoon to savour. And all this in the intimacy of a gorgeous milk bar conversion in Brunswick. Singer/songwriter Julia Messenger’s first Sunday Soiree in the Milk Bar in December sold out so she’s about to hold another one on Sunday January 25th. Yay.

Messenger is a brilliant performer, combining sophistication and sensuality in a delivery that’s sometimes light and playful, sometimes low key, sometimes emotionally intense and always intriguing. Her line up for the first afternoon, which included a glass of bubbly and nibblies, ranged from some classics sounding fresh and also a few deeply felt original tunes penned by herself. The latter include Heartbreak, Let Me Love One More Time, I’d Like to Think I Could Have You and French Love Song. These are tuneful, searing songs with lingeringly honest lyrics you identify with immediately. She’s talented, this girl. The award-winning Andrea Keller is a stunning accompanist.

Her vocal range is impressive and her voice is beautifully polished but what distinguishes Messenger is the sheer variety of styles she delivers while staying true to something in herself. She conveys an enormous range of feelings, even in songs we’ve heard over and over again, like La Vie en Rose, Non, Je ne Regrette Rien, Falling in Love Again and The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. It’s a treat to appreciate wonderful songs like this anew; it’s like you’re hearing them for them for the first time. Messenger is a delightful performer and just gorgeous to listen to.

“Chilled sirens an all Female album - The most beautiful voices were gathered on this album, Julia Messenger, Aria, Julee Cruise, as well as some others for a very special cause.. to help to find a treament against ovarian cancer. It’s such a great pleasure to listen to and as well as to feel you are helping advance a very good cause.”
“Album 100% féminin Les plus belles voix ont été rassemblées sur cet album, Julia Messenger, Aria, Julee Cruise, et bien d’autres pour une cause très spéciale... aider à trouver un traitement contre le cancer ovarien. Un très grand plaisir d’écoute et le sentiment de faire avancer une bonne cause, pourquoi...”
Hot Trip – Spiral Music, France

“Producers and composers DJ Free and Peter Schimke (Julee Cruise) assemble a group of world-class performers including the sultry, exotic vocals of Julia Messenger .”
MoodFood: New Record Label Launches
(KLBU, Santa Fe, NM)___(PRWEB) 

“Soulfood’s DJ Free (IMAX/Billboard) returns to his club roots by bringing together an all-star ensemble to create MoodFood, an eclectic mix of artists and instruments that create transglobal electronica, jazzy rhythms and downtempo beats ….. Features vocals by queen of chill Julia Messenger…Musically and structurally inventive, Soulfood have crafted an album that works for a variety of states…an excellent release.”
All Music Guide

“Spectrum Works / first release for the gifted Marcus Worgull - brilliant four tracker featuring the beautiful voice of Julia Messenger and a stunning remix by Sonar Kollektive’s DJ Dixon.”

“…With PFL another debuting artist is entering the inner circle of Elektrolux artists. The man behind this easy-to-remember abbreviation is sound magician Felix Wolter, widely respected as a true master on the knobs of his studio. It doesn't come as a surprise that - with only one exception - all of the twelve tracks on “ Blue Dubsessions Pt. 1 " have been created in cooperation with different artists.
The most present of this talent for sure is vocalist Julia Messenger who has laid her seductive voice on three of PFL's smoothest songs “For The Love Of You", “Bird On A Wire", “Set In A Stone".

“The sultry vocal stylings of Julia Messenger…imbue [the disc] with a wistful, ethereal quality…the result has a rather compassionate, heavenly air that maintains an elusive presence amid the dreamy melodics.”
(Review on Blue Dubsession Pt 1.)
Sonic Curiosity

“Chilled Grooves is a smooth collection of sultry breakbeats …a grand soundscape of down-tempo rhythms, dub pulses, and orchestral arrangements…"Narcotix" from Chin Chillaz feat. Julia Messenger trip-hops into a melancholic daydream..”
MacKenzie Wilson, All Music Guide

“A blue sky above and a sea whose majestic undulations shimmer like green velvet covered with diamonds. A coastal winding road with Julia Messenger emphasising each curve and creation of the black top as the world is replaced with a ballet of sight and sound. Clutch, brake, left hand down, counter, throttle, dancing metal to the beat of Julia Messenger will leave you touched, moved and inspired.”

“Originally released in 2000 The Crime Of Suspense is the second of 10 CD's that was part of the Contemporary Works Box Set that Schulze released in 2000 exclusively over the internet. With the first track "Good Old 4 On The Floor" Schulze delivers a trance track classic with soul : This track and the nearly half hour piece "Overchill" are refined by the beautiful voice of Australian singer Julia Messenger. Available for the first time officially "The Crime Of Suspense" includes 2 unreleased Bonus Tracks, and comes in a stylish 6 page numbered Deluxe digipak complete with enhanced booklet and extensive liner notes.”
Insideout Music

“Do you like Moby? Or rather, did you like Moby in the era of his sample-happy landmark albums Play and 18? If you do, chances are good that you'll like Moodfood, too. It's an overly simplified comparison, to be sure -- Moodfood's Ice actually features a massive integration of styles and cultures that's as subtle as any created in the past year. It's the type of album on which a track like "Shaken Not Stirred" can explore jazz chord progressions with a hip-hop backbeat while effortlessly coexisting with a song like "Pain" (which features (and was written by) highly-regarded vocalist Julia Messenger), a song that mostly amounts to female adult contemporary with thick synthwork and an electronic backbeat.….”
Mike Schiller, Popmatters

“"Good Old 4 On The Floor" uses the sequence at a faster tempo.. (it) barrels along like a train. The constant thud of the bass drum sound is reminiscent of "Are You Sequenced?" The pace and vocals of "Good Old 4 On The Floor" really move your emotions and your feet. I must admit I had to pull out my old vinyl copy of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" to compare the vocals.
Julia Messenger stands up well in comparison. "I wouldn't take you" is the most recognizable lyric, but like most of KS music with vocals, it is the sound of the vocals that is most important. I haven't tried to look for the deeper meaning. This is one of my favorite tracks from CollectedWorks.”
by David M. Cline (2001) Klaus Schulze official website.

“Spectrum Works is proud to release "HAVING A DIG" …"Havin' a dig" features talented singer/songwriter Julia Messenger on vocals (known from collaborations with Klaus Schulze, Whirlpool and Hans Nieswandt), making this subtle broken beat jazzer a real dancefloor winner.”
Spectrum Works

“Since the beginning of 2000 this exceptional Australian singer and producer from Melbourne has been living in Germany. While touring the world with her original band ‘Ruby Fruit Jungle’, Julia made a name for herself both in Australia and internationally. In addition to this, Julia has amassed a rich bank of production experience, she has worked with Massive Attack engineer Jeromy Allom, Cologne dub and downbeat collective Solarmoon Soundsytem, and she even managed to ‘blow away’ producer Hans Nieswandt who has booked Julia for a studio session on the new Whirlpool Productions album…As well as working with electronic guru Klaus Schulze and violinist Thomas Kagermann, Julia is currently working on her first solo album, for that she could once again attract producer teams such as Karma, PFL, Solarmoon, Salz and KAL.”
WOM Magazine (translated from the German)

“Welcome to the PFL’s world of never ending bass! With PFL another debuting artist is entering the inner circle of Elektrolux artists. The man behind this easy-toremember abbreviation is sound magician Felix Wolter, widely respected as a true master on the knobs of his studio. It doesn’t come as a surprise that – with only one exception – all of the twelve tracks on „Basso Continuo“ have been created in cooperation with different artists. The most present of this talent for sure is vocalist Julia Messenger who has laid her seductive voice on three of PFL’s smoothest songs („For The Love Of You“, „Bird On A Wire“, „Set In A Stone“). As a result, „Blue Dubsession Pt.1“ is bound to jump on the upper ranks of the personal list of favourites – not only for the many fans and friends of the Elektrolux sound.”
(review on blue dubsessions 1 - pfl (CD))

“…unique…integral in breaking new ground with the music industry.”
(review on Ruby Fruit Jungle)
Robert Plant

“…hybrid pop, pushing the limits of roots music into dub, reggae and trancy womanality…”
Rolling Stone Magazine, issue #507 (re: Ruby Fruit Jungle)

“What’s the sound then? Snappin' club tracks infected with a lethal dose of jazz & roughed up bass bizness. Continuing in this manner the 'Ole EP' features two solid tracks that uplift and keep it funky. 'Havin' A Dig' drops sweet vocal melodies by Julia Messenger over fragmented beats to great effect.”
(re: Marcus Worgull - Ole EP on Spectrum Works)

“ Amazing !!!!!!!! Julia has one of the most amazing voices you could hope to hear...” Scott Gifford, 2004

Julia Messenger’s CD is a truly outstanding debut on the Water Music Records Label. Not only doews she sing lead and background vocals on all of her songs, but she writes and produces them as well. Not too many female singers can say they have that kind of talent. Although I have heard nearly every song on this CD (from other chillout albums I own), it was a joy to hear them all together on one CD. Every song is nicely produced and the vocals are equally impressive and haunting as the best chillout siren… once you have the time to sit down and unwind and really listen to her songs, you’ll find she’s just as deep as Levine, Jones and these other so called “top 40 divas” who I still fail to see what the hype is about.
Reviewer: Darrell L. Lee “dlatrell” (Jackson, MS)

Julia Messenger is an accomplished vocalist, composer and musician who has performed on over a dozen chill compilations with the likes of Moby, Nitin Sawhney, Julee Cruise, Groove Armada, Ursula Rucker and Delerium. She has worked with the renowned producers Klaus Schultz (Tangerine Dream) and Henning Schmitz (Kraftwerk). An Australian native, she regularly tours and performs throughout Europe and has received 5 star reviews at the renowned Edinburgh Festival.
Moodfood, USA

“Whoever believed that to the there was nothing more to say after Kruder & Dorfmeisters K & D Sessions is sorely mistaken…. On three appearances the Australian singer and producer Julia Messenger leads the PFL tracks with her dark and seductive voice, dipping the songs in a gentle breezy Soul, with a depth and bass that goes through your body. The ideal classic Popsong, is that which PFL and Julia Messenger purposefully move against…”
Wer geglaubt hatte, dass es zum Thema Downbeat und Dub nach Kruder & Dorfmeisters "K+D Sessions" nichts mehr zu sagen gibt, der sieht sich offensichtlich getäuscht. Zwar leidet das Genre nicht zuletzt aufgrund der unseligen Chillout-Welle der vergangenen Jahre unter Auszehrungserscheinungen.
Insgesamt drei Mal leiht die australische Sängerin und Produzentin Julia Messenger den PFL Tracks ihre dunkel-verführerische Stimme, haucht den Songs eine sanfte Brise Soul in den von tiefen Bässen durchzogenen Körper ein. Der klassische Popsong ist das Ideal, dem PFL und Julia Messenger zielstrebig entgegen gehen. "Blue Dubsessions Pt. 1" lebt von seiner Vielfalt, stellt Verschiedenes nebeneinander und schlägt doch einen verbindenden Bogen zwischen den einzelnen Tracks des Albums.
Die Liebe für deepe Sounds groovt bei allen Tracks auf "Blue Dubsessions Pt. 1" unüberhörbar aus den Boxen und hebt das Release weit über das dünnflüssige Geplätscher vieler Chillout-Produktionen. Kein Wunder, dass PFL ausgerechnet beim renommierten Elektrolux-Label eine Heimat gefunden hat, wo Qualität und Deepness seit jeher als zwei Seiten ein und derselben Medaille angesehen werden.”
Review by Daniel Straub
Laut.Stark CD reviews

“German label Elektrolux churns out a healthy amount of mellow ambient-influenced chill-out and lounge music for the R&R set, most notably the Space Night late-night TV program and its corresponding audio soundtrack. The Future Is My Melody is the debut installment of a new series, intent on showcasing the label's dreamy, vocal-oriented pop tunes. The album is definitely intent on creating atmosphere, highlighted by the silky sparse ambiance of "Silur X Zeit" by Rescape, the luxurious vocals of Julia Messenger on PFL's "For The Love Of You" and Jean F. Cochois's tripped-out "Days, Weeks and Years." There are enough moments of heady bliss here to wipe away any doubts you might have about chillout pop tunes.”
Review onVarious Artists: The Future is My Melody
Elektrolux-Milan / US / Compilation
By Tim Pratt

“…Look Up Look Down” by Monotone and Julia Messenger, appears to the listener at the perfect place for a well-rounded compilation. For this reason, the song is perfect as the last track on the compilation.”
“Heute erfreute mich auf meinem ansonsten eher unerfreulichen Krankenlager .. Jazzlounge 01.2005 und 02.2005.
Hier nun Würdigung und Kritik dieser Compiliation:
Sie beginnt recht harmlos und locker mit "Young At Heart" von Joss Stone.
Es folgt "Private Sunshine" von Jazzanova , den Nu-Jazz Pionieren. Weiter geht's mit De-Phazz und "North West", schönes follow-up zum vorhergehenden Titel und ein ebenso schöner Übergang erfolgt dann von De-Phazz zu Bebel Gilberto mit "Next To You". Und was kann man zu diesem Stück wieder anderes als sagen: sehr schön?! In einem speziellen Sinn, aber das versteht nur, wer sie und ihre Musik kennt.
"Look Up, Look Down" von Monotone With Julia Messenger erscheint dem Hörer dann wie eine gelungene Compiliation der bisher gehörten Compiliation. Der Song hätte sich von daher auch prima als abschließender Titel geeignet.
Ja, denn im Grunde erscheint es mir, als ob hier ein "Bruch" in der Zusammenstellung erfolgt, bzw. eine neue zweite Compiliation anfängt. Beats, Stimmen, Rhymthmus alles wird "härter".Wind Cries Mary" von Jamie Cullum hätte evtl. …”
Liisa, musikalischer Quark

“… Julia Messenger leads three Songs on the Album with her wonderful voice, which for the most part gives the impression it’s another instrument- rather than a voice..”
“Elektrolux das Label mit dem Chilloutmonopol präsentiert uns hier das erste Release von Felix Wolter aka PFL. Der Mann hat mit dem Album ein tolles Stück Ambient an den Start gebracht, von Dub bis Pop ist hier so einiges vertreten was im richtigen Moment gehört, zur völligen Entspannung führen wird. Das Album entstand unter Mitarbeit von Gastmusikern wie Waldeck, Andy Bolleshon, Ras Milo oder Julia Messenger, letztere bereichert drei Songs des Albums mit ihrer wundervollen Stimme, welche meistens eher den Eindruck erweckt Instrument statt Sprachrohr zu sein. Für Fans der Spacenight mit Sicherheit ein Musthave, ist dieses Werk aber auch für Leute die einfach mal wieder den Streß des Alltags vergessen wollen äußerst empfehlenswert. 10 von 10 Ruhepunkten.”
(Review on PFL Blue Dubsession Pt.1 on Elektrolux)
Fresh Guide Online

“Usually Schulze's music is instrumental, making the 71 minutes on this disc unique for the presence of the sultry vocal stylings of Julia Messenger…
Purists need not despair, for Schulze handles her voice as an equal instrument, blending her vocals with the persistent percussives and undulating electronics. The result has a rather compassionate heavenly air that maintains an elusive presence amid the dreamy melodics.”
Review on CD 2: KLAUS SCHULZE: The Crime of Suspense KLAUS SCHULZE: Contemporary Works 1 (10 CD set on Rainhorse/Manikin Records)
Matt Howarth.

“…Currently collaborating with Australian singer Julia Messenger, the trademark style is very much pop, evidenced by the grandiose “Myamisumi” remix. We have already finished the next Remix for Julia, “Lover Come Back” and this confirms the compatible pop direction we’re moving in.”
“…Dabei setzt man gerade mit der australischen saengerin Julia Messenger die Zeichen auch einmal auf Pop, wie der grandiose “Myamisumi” Remix kuerzlich unter Beweis stellte. Wir haben mit “Lover Come Back” schon den naechsten Remix for Julia fertig und der geht stramm in Richtung radio kompatiblen Pop.”
Interview with Salz
Groove Magazine issue #57, Germany



Translation from the German:

“Salz goes Pop with the Australian singer Julia Messenger (who also appears with Rubbasol on downtempo label Subfrequency). “Myamisumi” is in itself a persona for the connection of colleagues. Here, the percussive embossed Dub-house with explicit lyrical lines, could in fact turn the Pop-discourse of the Sound of Cologne into a whole new direction. “I have a dream to start again”, is befitting for the free beats of a Salz Dub as well as a dub infused Downtempo – Version, with latent 2-step influences from Rubbasol as a welcome admission.

Groove Magazine, 

issue #57 

“Skip (aka Julia Messenger) from Australia snaps up singer Julia Messenger (from the G.U.M EP) and mojo tom to lay the track two steps deeper, somewhere between earlier Mowax tracks and Herbet and Dani Duet.”
“Skip aus Australien schnappte sich Julia Messenger (from the G.U.M EP) und mojo tom und verlegt den Track noch zwei Stufen tiefer irgendwo zwischen fruehe Mowax tracks and Herbit and Dani Duet.”
(review on Julia’s first production “Music makes me feel Sexy – the Remixes” where she called herself ‘Skip’).

“Yes, I know what you are already thinking, but this is not 'yet another box set from Klaus Schulze'!
…CD 2 - The Crime of Suspense (70:52): The logical follow-up to the first disc, musically speaking. .. with the help of flautist/violinist Thomas Kagermann and vocalist Julia Messenger.. the music is somewhat more diverse…”
Wouter from NL, Background Magazine

“Great . This young lady has a primo voice”
CD Universe

Klaus Schulze: Contemporary Works I (10 CD Box Set) Released 2000
Public Reviews

“Up until now, I’ve heard Cds 1& 4 and 6 & 8. I really like the first two, particularly the voice of Julia Messenger which blends really well with the music (or is it the other way around?)..”
“Bis jetzt habe ich CDs 1-4 sowie 6-8 gehört. Die ersten beiden gefallen mir sehr gut, auch die Stimme von Julia Messenger passt sich gut der Musik an (oder anders herum?)…”
(Michael E., Germany)

“I’m pleasantly surprised at how the collaborations with the other musicians works…My absolute favourite is “My Ty She” (feat. Julia Messenger). “
»Ich bin angenehm überrascht, wie die Zusammenarbeit mit den anderen Musikern funktioniert… Mein absoluter Favorit ist die Ballett-CD 3 mit "My Ty She" (feat. Julia Messenger).«”
(Rüdiger H., Germany)

“I have had the new box for about four days now. This set contains some great KS music. I am … very interested in this development. I like the sound of Julia's voice…. Without a doubt, this set will lead to a new article for your consideration.”
(David M. Cline, USA)

“What can say that as not already been said. Stunning - quite simple stunning…
CD 2 - Julia Messenger's voice really adds depth.”
(Graham M., England)

“It is achieved! After now over 3 days intensive listening to the new work of KS I would like to communicate to you briefly, what the (10 CD) box made for an impression. I tried to hear the music completely detached by the unpleasant Mailwechsel (with KS). I am on the whole inspired and lit- up! KS creates it again and again due to completely newly created and like music not heard before.
…CD2: (I was) initially somewhat skeptical of music ‘with singing insert’, (but to) me this CD with the good voice of J. Messenger positively surprised.”
(Rolf v. M., Germany)

“My Favourite is “Overchill” featuring Julia Messenger (CD 2). Fully relaxed but also with drive. Crazy.”
“… Mein Favorit ist "Overchill" (featuring Julia Messenger) (CD 2). Völlig relaxt und dennoch mit Drive. Wahnsinn.”
(Joachim B., Germany)

“She's been called the new queen of chill music. It's
electronica mixed with some other influences. I have
her self-titled album, and I'm going to get two of her
other albums that she has available as downloads ...”
Tom King, Epich News, University of Minnesota, March 2007




" No doubt, this was one of the best concerts here! Excellent band and Julia Messenger with a voice to die for; beautiful control with a distinctive edge particularly when she sang her own material. The choice of songs was spot on for this venue and audience; a bit of Kurt Weil, Roberta Flack, Janis Joplin and Sting. The Edith Piaf items were stunning - and I have heard so many  versions over the years that it takes someone special to make a well worn song like "La Vie en Rose" really fresh again. Would we have Julia back again?  You bet!”

Ken Cameron
Manager, Hamilton PAC, 2013


"On February 22nd 2013 the singer songwriter Julia Messenger performed at the inaugural Jazz at Montsalvat.
At every step of the way while preparing for her performance, Julia was a consummate professional. She answered queries promptly, attended meetings on time and provided material for marketing purposes. She made herself available for all media enquiries. She also mounted her own marketing campaign via social networking and other available avenues.
Julia drew a great crowd. The concert was a sellout and most importantly her performance was flawless. Spellbinding. Audience feedback has been excellent and we will be very happy for her to perform here again.
I cannot recommend Julia Messenger to you highly enough.
If you have any further enquiries regarding this testimonial please contact me by phone (Tuesday to Friday) or by email.

Yours sincerely,

Jeannette Davison
Arts Manager
(03) 9439 7712"

"Julia Messenger performed at our annual International Women’s Day Gala Dinner. Julia was a delight to work with and an amazing performer. Her seamless voice had the crowd captivated and we have had such positive feedback from our guests on what a wonderful performer Julia is.  We look forward to hearing Julia perform again in the future.  Thanks for being such a positive part of this very important event that celebrates the achievements of women in the public sector. "

Stefanie Pellegrino
Institute of Public Administration Australia